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By the age of 47, Lezel Safi had built a beautiful life raising three children with her husband, Rick. She stepped away from corporate America to become a full-time homemaker and was so for the next 14 years until all three of the Safi children were in school full time.

During that period at home, Lezel always prioritized her education…but wasn’t sure how to utilize the education she craved. While supporting her husband through dental school, she attended Oklahoma City University in the evenings, and in 1999 received her Masters of Business Administration.

Although this was a milestone accomplishment in her life, Lezel felt called to do more….

In 2015, Lezel had a light-bulb moment and her motto of “Purpose, Passion, Progress” was born. Despite everyone telling her it wasn’t feasible to balance getting into law school with three children under the driving age, she began studying for the LSAT…and in 2016, she was accepted and started her legal journey at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Why Lezel Safi is unique….​
What makes Lezel different than any other family law attorney is her holistic approach working with clients. She believes addressing the “whole person” is critically important for those navigating incredibly difficult moments in life.

The concept of holistic law is how Lezel guides her clients through the financial, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a personal legal problem. She knows and has seen how this powerful approach provides long term success for her client and their family.

Safi provides a human connection to personal legal issues by combining passion, understanding, attention, and counsel.

“In the grand scheme of things, getting someone divorced by a piece of paper is the easy part,” Lezel states. “I want my clients to look down the road about where they will be in 6 months from now. Are you able to go back to school? What are your dreams, and how can we get you there? It’s not just a divorce – there’s a mental and financial component of it, as well as the physical portion.”

She believes that by providing counsel and advice to her clients on resolution and settlement, they can make better long-term decisions and outcomes for themselves and their family.

However, when certain situations and facts lead her clients down a path of litigation, Safi will fiercely, ethically, and passionately advocate for them.

Her core values of honesty, integrity and knowledge benefit her clients around the settlement table as well in the courtroom.

Lezel maintains active volunteer roles in the Oklahoma City non-profit community with the CARE Center Board of Directors, Rainbow Fleet Child Care Resource Center and Early Childhood Center Board of Directors, Member of Class 38 Leadership Oklahoma City, United Way Women’s Leadership Council, and Club 29 Downtown OKC Rotary International Member, serves on the Palomar Legal Network Committee, and serves as the Program Administrator for the William J. Holloway, Jr. American Inn of Courts.

Lezel holds a Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University School of Law, a Master’s in Business Administration from Oklahoma City University, and her Bachelors of Science in Design, Housing & Merchandising from Oklahoma State University. She is a member of the Federal, Oklahoma and Oklahoma County Bar Associations.

Lezel has been married to her husband Rick for almost 25 years and her biggest and proudest accomplishments are her children Ariana (20), Evan (17) and Tye Hill (15). She is an active yogi and marathon runner so she has the energy to keep up with her family and life.

Lezel Safi leads her family law practice with purpose, passion, and progress. She is not only a heart-centered advocate for her clients, but she helps remove the emotion out of the process so things run smoothly, peacefully, and efficiently.


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